When you are in your 20’s that whole strip of time is just one wonky VHS tape blur. To me it seems like everything is happening at once, important chapters in life where I am figuring out where I fit in this world. When I take the time to stop and look back, I am baffled about how much time has really passed. To be honest I had to use math to know that I was turning 25 today. I still feel like a 20-year-old, fearless and adventurous. It was an odd feeling!

LaRue Photography
LaRue Photography

This is an interesting time for me. I’m single. No kids (even though it always seems I have one strapped to me). I still live with my parents who let me hang my dresses around the house. I work for myself, have been out of school and at a place where I could pack my bags and take off to Ireland tomorrow. I think for me, these are the learning years. I get to be Auntie Jess, travel and meet different kinds of people, learn lessons just by myself. 

LaRue Photography

I am happy to be a March baby, Spring is at my very soul. The idea of hope, new beginnings and fresh starts are found all through my life. I am always wondering where God is leading me and what just might be next. Each year I think I am a new kind of person, constantly changing in a way for the better. 

LaRue Photography
LaRue Photography

What I've learned in this chapter: 

It is never too late to try something new. I decided that if I wanted to learn embroidery, I would make time for it. I love trying new things and I don’t think it is ever too late to learn a new skill, hobby or art!

You don’t have to have your ducks in a row, it's a TRAP. I have just now realized nobody ever does. Do I ever feel pressured to once in a while? Of course! I have always been a viciously independent sort of person. I started to notice using other peoples lives as a map for my own wasn’t going to work out so well. So take it easy, don’t worry, stay in your lane. 

When you’re older and do not want to be confused as a high school age girl, I realized you have to dress the part. Thankfully I have a fashionista friend to guide me along but I think for me this was the time where I really developed a kind of style. A style that I liked, a style that was me. 

This is the time of friendship, the strong rooted type. Surround yourself with kind, truthful, friends who will support you. Value your time, your conversations and trust. Build a tribe of women where you know someday, your kids will be playing with each other. 

LaRue Birthday

My birthday will be a quiet one today. The snow really has me caught in a little cabin fortress this morning so it is just some cats, the tortoises and me. I’ll get bundled up, take a walk in the woods and check on the pigs who are snuggled in hay like tacos. I’ll start digging out seeds that have been stored all winter, make a fresh pot of coffee and be jolly. When the weekend comes it will be filled with crepes and the people I love most. That I am very thankful for. 

Thank you all for your kindness and support of my art,


Headshots by the dearest loveliest Liz Rachel Photography
Dress by Virginia Dare Dress CO