"LaRue," a name given to the eldest girl of each generation in my family, means the pathway.


Having recently discovered the meaning, I felt an instant connection to my work. The unknown journey of my characters, their purpose, and destination evokes visions of a pathway for each and every one of them. We don't know who they are, but we are wondering where they are going. Their journey is mysterious and unknown, textured and detailed, but the photo I take is only a glimpse of their being, a mere snapshot of a lifetime collecting fairies, drawing swords, or discovering magic in the heart of the woods.


Nature serves as the backdrop to each of my images and is the catalyst for my styling. The natural world has always existed and has a timeless illusion to it. I purposely choose the style of dress, model and prop to keep that illusion and leave a viewer wondering whether each subject is modern-day, or from a time forgotten

My characters and their journey have a sense of ambiguity that goes against the known storybook plot of myths, legends and fairytales that I often draw inspiration from. A majority of these stories have very predictable endings that are usually happy and bright. My works only give a glimpse of the story but its ending remains open. The fate of these characters is unknown, undoing the typical fairytale ending. They could live happily ever after, remain wandering in the woods in isolation or have a different end. No one knows what is to become of them.


The women in my images are beaming femininity, there is a elegance about them that spark the traditional fairytale. Although these women are strong and their fate up to themselves, there is still an emphasis and celebration about their femininity. They are soft, gentle, beautiful and at times portrayed in a traditional way but there is a sense of control and strength that exist in them. 

This work is an unfinished tapestry of another world I am creating and refining through every capture, every venture into the woods, and every final image that has come to so succinctly define "LaRue."