LaRue Photography

Enchanting Mythical Otherworldly Spellbinding.

LaRue offers the chance to re-connect with that whimsical part of you that thrived during childhood. A time when magic existed and fairies were real. When we spent days dressing up in costumes, played in the outside with bare feet until it was time for dinner. There is a sliver of magic within us all. Some might still have it, while others might have let it fade a bit.

These sessions are a chance to get recapture that joy and get excited. To float in rivers wearing flower crowns and be a fairytale of your very own. Whether it be senior portraits, engagements sessions, bridals and anything else you can dream. LaRue approaches picture taking in this whimsical way of thinking. Sessions are joy and people based. Good laughs and adventure, the takeaway being beautiful images you can keep forever.

LaRue Photography

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