Fall Survival


Does anybody else believe this time of year is trying to kill them?

Like your name is on a list and even the squirrels are throwing acorns at your head? 

This time of year is crazy for us photographers. What we love is our job. It is a blessing and curse all at once because and it can suck the life out of you. Even for nonphotographers, this season is fast-paced.

I do not know how many times I have worn the same sweater or how many times I have ghosted my friends for the last few weeks. My eyes have stared at computer screens for way too many hours and I probably look more like Gollum than a photographer writing this even now. Oh, the creative life.

How can we survive until Christmas? How do we not curl up in a ball and start crying once we realize there are six sessions that need to be edited before the end of the week? Panic button. Panic mode. Holy cheese the stress. I want to share a few tips of how I try to keep myself sane during this busy season. Hopefully, it will help someone in the same stress boat!


LaRue Photography

How I survive such a fast-paced time of year: 


  • I keep a schedule, knowing when I am working and when I'm resting is probably the best thing I ever decided. Since I am a Leslie Knope, I can steamroll myself until I am burnt toast. It never ends well, don't do that to yourself. You might be thinking you're getting work done fast but the quality won't be as good as you hoped (plus your quality of wellbeing will be not so happy). Take time to decide when you are on the clock and when you are relaxing.


  • I watch some really funny videos and laugh until my family comes to check on me because I’m THAT loud. Laughing cures so much for me. Enjoy my new favorite and sorry if this gets stuck in your head.


  • When the walls of exhaustion are crumbling around me, I diffuse some lavender/peppermint essential oil. Then I lay down for a quick recharge! My grandmami would call them fifteen-minute naps and boy do I swear by them.


  • I take a break and go buy a piece of cheesecake from the Italian bakery down the street and make a whole pot of coffee. Doing something small like this, a special treat break always has me lasting a little longer.


  • I do something for nothing. I draw a picture just because, write something fun or create something just to create something. Sometimes we get SO wrapped up into what we have to do, we do not give our creative spirit a fun break. Go do something just for you, just for fun. Even if it is a pipe cleaner butterfly or a little watercolor owl.


How do you keep yourself rolling in Autumn?