Mermaid Costume


My true spirit animal is a mermaid, it always has been. The idea of a mystical creature who swims in the sea, has fish friends and is happy as a clam. All me. So when we decided our theme this year for church was ‘Under the Sea’, I went overboard because...well…mermaids.

In light of all the sweet messages and questions, I am making a blog post all about it! I’ll link and explain every part of my costume so you can make one of your very own.

LaRue Photography Mermaid Costume Halloween

LaRue Photography Mermaid Costume Halloween

The Crown

I found this fake crystal crown a few weeks ago at FiveBelow in hopes of using it as an easy base. To make it a little more mermaid-ish I hot glued some fake pearls to it. I really planned on making a huge crown but for the time crunch, I am happy I went simple!

LaRue Photography mermaid costume halloween

The Wig

I saw this wig on Amazon and I had to order it! I felt like my shorter hair didn’t fit the mermaid whimsy. When I think of mermaids, I think long long long hair. Plus if it was freezing on Halloween, it could keep me warm. For a wig ordered online it really was surprising quality! I think I loved the color the most and might dye my hair purple sometime soon...

LaRue Photography Mermaid Costume Halloween

The Top

Doing a group mermaid shoot years ago I had this already figured out. A bra is the strongest base to use for making something like this and I waited for a .99 cent deal at Goodwill to snatch up a good one. Then I just gathered all the shells I have ever collected (bucket loads) and hot glued them on strategically. I usually like to seal it with a coat of matte Modge Podge but didn’t have time. This keeps the shells from getting caught on hair and falling off. This top took me about 2-3 hours to make! My strategy was layering, flatter shells as the base and then adding more intricate/smaller shells that looked prettier.

LaRue photography mermaid costume halloween

The Tail

I have been following FinFun’s instagram account for a while now and I wish I knew about them when I did my mermaid group shoot. I had planned to make my own tail this year but with how crazy the season got, I decided to order my first tail from them. The quality was beautiful. The tail is stretchy, durable and something you can actually swim in. I ordered a size large and it was just the right fit. It is really hard to walk in but quick to take on/off. I purchased just the skin and used a child’s monofin I bought from a thrift store to fill the fin. This made the costume, little girls thought I was a real mermaid because my legs were gone. I kept tapping my fin on the sidewalk and they’d just look at me wide eyed.

LaRue Photography Mermaid Costume Halloween


I used mostly the Naked 2 palette by Urban Decay. The gold shimmery ‘half-baked’ felt the most mermaidy. I used the other shadows for a little highlister on the nose and some cheekbones. Thenc came glitter. Lots and lots of gold glitter that I knew would curse me days later. There is something magic to the shimmer! I put it on the sides of my face, my collar bones, my arms. It finished my overall costume!

larue photography mermaid costume halloween
LaRue Photography Mermaid Costume Halloween

Larue photography mermaid halloween costume

Let me know below if you have any questions!

I hope everyone had a mer-tastic Halloween!

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